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xElena Verdugo Elena Verdugo
Born: April 20, 1925
Died: May 30, 2017 (at the age of 92)
xElena Verdugo

On April 20, 1926 Elena Angela Verdugo was born in Paso Robles, CA of Spanish parents. She started dancing at the age of 6 and made her film debt in “Cavalier of the West” (1931). She would not do another film until her teen years.

Elena started her Hollywood Carrer in the 1940's in B-Movies. She would often play as an uncredited dancer. Verdugo sang briefly with Xavier Cugat's band in the early 1940's. Verdugo was cast as a native girl as George Sander's romantic character in “The Moon and Sixpence” (1942) with George Sanders and Herbert Marshall.

Elena Verdugo

Elena Verdugo in House of Frankenstein Elena Verdugo in House of Frankenstein In 1944, Elena would play her most memorable movie role, that of Ilonka in "House Of Frankenstein" (1944). She would appear alongside of Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney Jr, J. Carrol Naish, John Carradine, Glenn Strange, Anne Gwynne, Lionel Atwill, and George Zucco (What an amazing cast).

In 1945, Elena was in "The Frozen Ghost" (1945) with Lon Chaney Jr and Evelyn Ankers. She would appear next in "Little Giant" (1945) with Abbott and Costello. During the production of "Little Giant" she met her future husband. Charles R. Marion.

Elena Verdugo and Martin Kosleck in Frozen Ghost (1945)    Elena Verdugo and Tala Birell in Frozen Ghost (1945)

In 1946, Verdugo would marry Charles R. Marion, Marion was a writer for Abbott and Costello radio program (Jack Oakie was the best man).

In 1947, Verdugo would appear in “Song of Scheherazade” (1947) with Yvonne De Carlo (the future Lilly Munster), and Brian Donlevy.

Elena Verdugo

Even though Elena did some amazing work in these Universal Films, she was not given a contract from them. She did work pretty steady though without the contract.

Elena was in the last of the the Charlie Chan film's "The Sky Dragon" (1949) with Roland Winters, Keye Luke, and Mantan Moreland.

In 1955 Elena would divorce Charles R. Marion. They had one child together, Richard Marion, Richard would become an actor/director.

In the 1950's Elena started doing Television. She had a few roles here in some of the series and in 1952 she starred in her own series "Meet Millie" (1952-1955). She also did more films and television appearances. She won the role of Alice on "Mona McCluskey" (1965-1966).

Elena Verdugo in Marcus 
	Welby MDElena would star in her most famous television role Consuelo Lopez in "Marcus Welby, M.D." (1969-1976).

Elena would marry Charles R. Rosewall on March 26, 1972.

Elena did a few more programs after this but retired in 1985.

Sadly in 1999, Elena's only son Richard died at the age of 50 of a heart attack.

She would make frequent appearances at film conventions and is always a fan favorite.

Elena Verdugo is one of the great actresses and has her own star on the Walk Of Fame it is located on the West side of the 1700 block of Vine Street.

Elena Verdugo WOF

Sadly Elena Verdugo passed away at the age of 92 on May 30, 2017.

Be sure you watch some of her films and you will see a truly fine actress.

------------ Films -----------
(1985)Suburban Beat (TV Movie) Joanna's Mother
(1984)"Scarecrow and Mrs. King" - Charity Begins at Home Mrs. Coleman
(1984)The Return of Marcus Welby, M.D. (TV Movie) Consuelo Lopez
(1984)"Emerald Point N.A.S." - Lost and Found Mrs. Padilla
(1978)The Boss' Son Betty
(1969 - 1976)"Marcus Welby, M.D."
(Series Regular - 169 Episodes)
JConsuelo Lopez
(1974)"Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law" -
I've Promised You a Father: Part 2
Consuelo Lopez
(1972)"Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law" -
Men Who Care: Part 2
Consuelo Lopez
(1973)"Love, American Style" - Love and the Lady Prisoner Marilyn
(1973)The Alpha Caper (TV Movie) Hilda
(1969)"Love, American Style" - Love and the Modern Wife Wanda
(1968)The Flim-Flam Man (TV Movie) Mrs. Packard
(1969)Angel in My Pocket Lila Sinclair
(1969)"Daniel Boone" - Copperhead Izzy Violet Morton
(1968)"Ironside" - The Sacrifice Liz Cervantes
(1968)How Sweet It Is! Vera Wax
(1967)"Mannix" - Make It Like It Never Happened Eva Brock
(1967)"Iron Horse" - The Bridge at Forty-Mile Abigail Bennett
(1965)"Mona McCluskey"
(Series Regular (all episodes))
Alice Henderson
(1965)Day of the Nightmare Miss Devi
(1965)"Many Happy Returns" - The Woodsman Lynn Hall
(1965)"Many Happy Returns" - Big White Lie Lynn Hall
(1965)"Many Happy Returns" - Pop Goes the Easel Lynn Hall
(1964)"Many Happy Returns" - The House Divided Lynn Hall
(1964)"Many Happy Returns" - Mother Burnley's Chickens Lynn Hall
(1964)"Many Happy Returns" - Walter Meets the Machine Lynn Hall
(1964)"Many Happy Returns" - Many Happy Returns Lynn Hall
(1964)"Petticoat Junction" - Local Girl Makes Good Mary Jane Hastings
(1964)"The New Phil Silvers Show" - Vanity, Thy Name Is HarryAudrey
(1964)"The New Phil Silvers Show" - Grafton's the Name, Football's My Game Audrey
(1964)"The New Phil Silvers Show" - Auntie UpAudrey
(1964)"The New Phil Silvers Show" - Take Her, She's Tall Audrey
(1964)"The New Phil Silvers Show" - Harry, the Good NeighborAudrey
(1964)"The New Phil Silvers Show" - Pay the Two Dollars Audrey
(1964)"The New Phil Silvers Show" - Smile, Harry, You're on 'Candid Camera' Audrey
(1964)"The New Phil Silvers Show" - Leave It to Harry Audrey
(1963)"Redigo" - The Hunters Gerry
(1963)"Redigo" - Privilege of a Man Gerry
(1963)"Redigo" - The Thin Line Gerry
(1963)"Redigo" - Shadow of the Cougar Gerry
(1963)"Redigo" - Horns of Hate Gerry
(1963)"Redigo" - Papa-San Gerry
(1963)"Redigo" - Little Angel Blue Eyes Gerry
(1963)"Redigo" - Prince Among Men Gerry
(1963)"Redigo" - Boy from the Rio Bravo Gerry
(1963)"Redigo" - The Blooded Bull Gerry
(1963)"77 Sunset Strip" - Paper Chase Karen Keddy
(1962)"Route 66" - Kiss the Maiden All Forlorn Elena Madragarra
(1960)"The Red Skelton Hour" - Super-Cauliflower Ruth Sanders
(1959)"Rawhide" - Incident at Spanish Rock Marie Carroyo
(1959)"Law of the Plainsman" - The Innocents Connie Drake
(1959)"The Bob Cummings Show" - Bob Helps von Zell Rosita
(1959)"The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna" - The Battle of Bull Run Jennifer Smith
(1959)"Steve Canyon" - Operation Souvenir Captain Maggie Gallagher
(1959)"The Red Skelton Hour" - Cauliflower Goes to Hollywood or Vinnie the P Valerie Powers
(1958)"The Bob Cummings Show" - Bob and the Ravishing RealtorJanice Tuttle
(1957)Panama Sal Sal Regan
(1957)"The Red Skelton Hour" - Appleby Goes Abroad Marie
(1956)"The Red Skelton Hour" - Hollywood Plumber Valerie Varden
(1952-1955)"Meet Millie"
(Series Star 78 Episodes)
Millie Bronson
(1953)The Marksman Jane Warren
(1953)"General Electric Theater" - Winners Never Lose
(1953)"Cavalcade of America" - The Arrow and the Bow
(1952)"Big Town" - The Shill
(1952)The Pathfinder Lokawa
(1952)"Schlitz Playhouse" - Trouble in Pier Twelve
(1952)Jet Job Marge Stevens
(1952)Thief of Damascus Neela
(1952)"Dangerous Assignment" - The Salami Story Karen
(1952)"Dangerous Assignment" - The Missing Diplomat Story Ketti
(1952)"Dangerous Assignment" - The Red Queen Story Lana
(1951)Gene Autry and The Mounties Marie Duval
(1950)Cyrano de Bergerac Orange Girl
(1950)Snow Dog Andrée Blanchard
(1950)The Lost Volcano Nona
(1949)The Sky Dragon Connie Jackson,
alias Marie Burke
(1949)The Lost Tribe Li Wanna
(1949)Tuna Clipper Bianca Pereira
(1949)The Big Sombrero Estrellita Estrada
(1948)El Dorado Pass Dolores
(1948)Shed No Tears Marilyn
(Tom's Sweetheart)
(1947)Song of Scheherazade Fioretta
(1946)Strange Voyage Carmelita Lopez
(1946)Little Giant Martha Hill
(1945)The Frozen Ghost Nina Coudreau
(1944)House of Frankenstein Ilonka
(1944)Rainbow Island Moana
(1942)The Moon and Sixpence Ata
(1942)To the Shores of Tripoli Spanish Dancer
(1941)Belle Starr Young Girl
(1941)The Hard-Boiled Canary Girl (uncredited)
(1941)Blood and Sand Specialty Dancer
(1940)Down Argentine Way Argentine Dancer
(1931)Cavalier of the West Little Girl

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